Extensions & Conversions

Have you out grown your property or do simply want some more space for your family to enjoy?

Moving house is proven to be one of the most stressful activities you can put yourself and your family through so why go through the ordeal in an uncertain housing market? You may need the extra space but there are alternatives.do my homework for me typemyessays.com is it reliable


Extensions are an extremely effective way of giving your existing property a new lease of life and adding significant value. With many years experience and a team of expert tradesmen we can make your dreams a reality and guide you through each stage of the project.

You may already have an extension or another part of your home that you would like to change. We also offer a wide variety of general building services and can make alterations to your home making it better equipped to suit you and your lifestyle.

Alterations to homes are common in any property’s life span and provide a cost effective way of making your home more accustomed to you and your family. Alterations can completely refresh your existing property and add value whilst maintaining the features that made you purcdo my homework for me typemyessays.com is it reliablehase the property in the first instance.
We can help you to unlock the potential of your property whether it be through adding square footage or improving on the layout and features of your existing home.

Please browse our gallery to see some examples of the projects that we have completed.

Timber Framed Outbuildings

Need an extra room but don’t have the space or finance for an extension?

We offer a design and build service of timber framed outbuildings. Whether you require a home office, garage space or hobby workshop. Our buildings are made on site and are fully insulated with a variety of internal finishes from timber cladding to being fully boarded and plastered, as well as double glazed UPVC or timber windows and doors, heating and electrics.

Our timber framed buildings offer you the space you require at a fraction of the cost and as most timber outbuildings don’t require planning permission, it’s a case of:

No planning. No fuss. Leave it to us!